Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need help with an order I placed on Amazon or eBay

There are sellers on Amazon and eBay that use a similar name as us. We are not affiliated with any accounts on Amazon or eBay, and cannot assist you with any purchases there. In cases where you purchase something on Amazon or eBay, and you have questions, it is always best to contact the seller directly through the site you placed the order.

Do you ship to...?

Due to manufacturer agreements we have in place, we are able to ship to the continental United States. This means we can ship to the 48 states on the mainland. We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or anywhere internationally. Also, because we ship relatively large parts - we do not ship to PO boxes. Please use a physical address.

My part arrived damaged. What should I do?

It's always disappointing when a part you've been waiting for to complete a repair arrives damaged. Contact us at to let us know that your part is damaged, and you need a replacement. Please include at least one photo that clearly shows the damage, along with a picture of the entire shipping box, and a close-up of the shipping label. We will get a replacement processed for you as quickly as possible.

Does this part fit my...?

Our website is regularly updated with industry standard fitment data to ensure accuracy of our parts filters to make it easy to know if parts fit your particular vehicle. Simply start by selecting your year, make, and model. If you are looking at parts that need additional fitment details, such as engine size, those options will populate once you get into the specific parts you need. We chose to have our site function like this to simplify the ability to see parts that fit, while also not having to do things like choosing the engine size if you're looking for windshield wipers.